Picklers Wanted! 0

Pickleball Depot is coming to beautiful Kelowna, BC in early 2020 and we are looking for full and part time picklers to join our sales team! We’d love to fill our store with passionate Kelowna pickleball members so if you or someone you know is interested in joining our team of enthusiastic, positive picklers and being part of North America’s fastest growing sport and Canada’s largest pickleball retailer apply today by clicking on the link below!


Available Positions: 

-  Part-Time + Full-Time Retail Sale Associates



-  Health Benefits for Full-Time Positions

-  Flexible work schedule

-  Discount pricing on all product

-  Being part of a positive, energetic team


Skills and qualifications:

-   A passion for pickleball

-   Detail oriented

-   Ability to provide great customer service in fast paced environment

-   Friendly and positive attitude

-   Ability to multitask

-   Team player


Location: unit #550, 1950 Harvey Ave (Spall Plaza / facing Enterprise)

                       Hours: Monday-Saturday / 10am-5:30pm

  • Cara Arding

How to choose the right paddle for you! 0

We recently read this really great article in the latest edition of Pickleball Magazine that we wanted to pass on; it contains a ton of great info and recommendations on choosing a paddle that fits your specific playing style............. Enjoy the read!

  • Cara Arding

Check out our NEW lines! 0

We have now partnered up with more of the industries top brands than ever before!

Check out the latest paddle from our newest brands- Prince and GearBox and get ready for ProKennex & Tyrol to hit the shelves in the next few weeks!

Proud suppliers of:

Selkirk, Paddletek, Onix, Engage, Pro-Lite, Prince, GearBox, HEAD, Gamma, TOPP, Combat, Sports Tutor, Putterman Athletics, Jugs Sports, Oncourt Offcourt, ARA Apparel, and Tourna Sports. 

  • Cara Arding

Pickleball Depot News 0

What a fantastic sport!

Here at Pickleball Depot, we love to see our sport growing and expanding. New products galore from paddles to balls to clothing and accessories.

We are proud to have celebrated the first anniversary of our retail store in Vernon, B.C. this September. It is a part of our warehouse location strategically positioned on route to Vernon's new 12 court pickleball structure.

Some of our new products include paddles from:

Engage- Maverick 

Gamma- Needle

ProLite- Cypher

Paddletek- Bantam TS5 Pro & Bantam EXL Pro

Selkirk- Prime Series

Apex Pickleball has introduced a few new paddles for our ever increasing entry-level players. The Summit Graphite (USAPA approved) continues to impress with upgraded graphics and new diamond grips while the Summit V2 (Composite) serves our more power-focused players. We have introduced the Pinnacle Pro to our line-up along with the popular Canuck Edge and our much lauded Club-Ignite which is a go to paddle for schools, and clubs across this vast and beautiful country.

We have also brought the TOPP brand of paddles and the full line-up of Onix gear to our family of quality products.

The HEAD brand continues to bring excitement to the sport of pickleball. We have the new indoor court shoe in stock and a good selection of outdoor shoes to choose from as well. Pickleball Depot has also begun selling HEAD paddle grips and overwraps.

GET EXCITED LADIES! We now have a gorgeous line of pickleball court-wear - ARA Apparel-in stock!! Check out the styles online today!

All this and more available online and in our Vernon, B.C. location.

Pickle on!!

- the Pickleball Depot team 


  • Cara Arding

So many paddles....which one to choose?! 0

With so many paddles hitting the market sometimes it's hard to make a decision on which paddle is the right one for you. We have selected the newest paddles from Selkirk Sport and made some key notes on each to help narrow down your decision!

Maxima - smaller sweet spot, but better reach and crazy amount of spin because of the smooth surface and shape. Good amount of pop because of the composite surface. Players at nationals who used this paddle, tend to put a lot of power in their shots.

Omni - smaller sweet spot, but better reach. You get a good amount of spin because of its shape, less than the Maxima but more than a normal shaped paddle. It has more control because of its graphite surface and because it is an overall lighter paddle (7-7.4 oz.). Much shorter handle!

Enrique 30P Graphite- The Enrique 30P has earned the distinction as one of the best all-around paddles. It is mid-weight at a 7.9oz average weight. The Graphite surface allows for a very controlled dink game. Where as the Polymer PowerCore and extra weight provides plenty of power for put away shots. This paddle is very solid and excels at landing a drop-shot perfectly. If you are well-rounded player who needs a paddle that has no weakness, the Enrique 30P is for you.

Epic 30P Graphite -Do you like the sound of the Enrique 30P above but just need it to be a little lighter? Well we have the perfect paddle for you! The 30p Epic Graphite has the same Polymer PowerCoreTM and Graphite surface as the Enrique 30P, but it comes in at only 7.3oz. The reduced weight gives you extra control and quicker reactions at the net.

The Pro series is the bigger, badder brothers of the very popular Epic series. The Pro S1 series is the culmination of everything Selkirk has been working on for the past 3 years. The initial idea for the Pro S1 came in collaboration a top SelkirkPro player who suggested that they improve the Epic by shortening the handle and increasing the surface area of the paddle face. This seemingly small change, combined with a redesigned surface, produced a dramatic increase in performance and control. Selkirk launched the Pro S1 series at the 2016 National’s with huge success and a large adoption by Pro players and recreational players alike. All of the Pro Series paddles have a larger surface and slightly smaller handle. (Not as small as the Omni.) This means that they all have a very large sweet spot and are a little bit heavier than the Epic 30P and 20P paddles which means more power. Below are their unique characteristics. 

ProS1G/+ - Graphite will provide more control. The heavier version is the +. If you like the Enrique paddle, go with the + version of this paddle. The + version has a heavier edge guard. The heavier a paddle, the more power it provides. (Think of these paddles as updated and improved versions of the Epic 30P and Enrique paddles.)

ProS1C/+ - Composite will provide more pop because it is heavier. Again, the heavier paddle is the + version, because of the edge guard. (Think of these paddles as updated and improved versions of the Epic 20P paddles.)

Hope this helps on your quest for the perfect paddle and as always..... Happy Pickling!

The Pickleball Depot Team