Steve Deakin



Steve comes from a tennis background which gives viewers the beauty of all his technical prowess at the same time as giving us confidence in his ability to close on the big points.

Watching Steve’s Pro-level matches is like watching a prize fight between Ali and Liston – Steve being the up-and-comer who is hell-bent on establishing himself as one of the world’s best in this sport. Pickleball is a game that requires its top players to possess more than just power, but finesse – with a side order of cunning.

It started with a hard crash on his right side with the over-head smash to medal at the Young Senior Tennis Nationals in Montreal in 2016. Then came the long and frustrating rehab period that moved like molasses for a man who cannot tolerate playing a sport at any less than his best. While hitting the gym and waiting for tissue to repair as a competitor in his early 40s, his Dad mentioned pickleball being played at the local rec centre.

As Steve admits himself, playing a game with a hamburger garnish in its name did not excite him much, but he went to participate and keep his body moving. The underhand serve was the saviour and Steve was immediately taken with this sport. Steve now can say he is one of the Top Ten pickleball players in North America, with a current status as Canada’s #1 player. His rating fluctuates between 5.5 and 6+.

Steve still plays locally on weekends (mostly drilling) so that he can stay connected to his good friends that helped him into the inner circle of competitive pickleball, but his 2019 tournament schedule has been very exciting with his partnerships.

It was after playing The Nationals at Indian Wells that other top players recognized his talent and he found himself with an inbox full of requests to play. Steve and his partner, Tim MacVinnie, went on to take Silver in their age category at Nationals, losing only to Matt Wright and Dave Weinback.

Steve is a proud, card-carrying member of Team Head and works diligently to obtain podium status at every event he enters as they were early to find him and add him to their extensive line up of Pro players.

This year’s schedule has Steve partnered up with some of the best in world including: Dave Weinback, Matt Wright, Wes Gabrielson, Randal Zbinden, Nick Williams, and many more.




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