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*NOW VISIT US IN-STORE at our new VERNON, BC location:

               4211-25A Ave, unit #1, Vernon, BC V1T 7G8
                     Open Monday- Friday 9AM-4PM
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Hey Picklers,

I’m Bryan Banerd, founder of Pickleball Depot, Canada’s first dedicated online pickleball store located in Vernon B.C. Canada.

My introduction to Pickleball happened in 2010; in the first three strokes I was hooked on what I consider to be one of the greatest and fastest growing paddle sports in the world.

During my career, my wife and I owned and operated several fitness equipment retail stores; we were also involved in Canada’s largest trampoline manufacturing company. We sold our business interests in 2005 and retired to the Okanagan to live a life of leisure.

After various volunteer and business mentoring endeavors, I decided to “un-retire” and bring my business knowledge and experience out of storage. This initially started as a small hobby business, the “small” somehow got away from me, it’s time for new challenges.

My main reason for entering this business, is to make pickleball more affordable to anyone interested in playing the game I’m so passionate about. 

Due to the rapid growth of Pickleball Depot during our initial years in business the company ownership has changed (working was cutting into my pickleball games) so in June 2014 my daughter Cara and son-in-law Michael took over the ownership of the business. I still remain involved with the company as Head of Research and Development as my passions now lie in the production side of the business. 

Both Cara and Michael come from business backgrounds, Cara was previously a partner in three fitness equipment stores located in Vernon, Kelowna, and Regina while Michael currently owns and operates a very successful, long term landscaping company in Vernon. Together with a dedicated team of hardworking individuals and the fastest and most efficient shipping department on this side of the border, Pickleball Depot has helped not only thousands of individual picklers but also hundreds of clubs and schools across Canada get the right products they need to get into the sport and take their game to a whole new level. Outstanding customer service has and continues to be at the forefront of Pickleball Depot's main focus- we like to think of all our customers as our big extended pickleball family!

We thank everyone that has supported us in the past & we look forward to continuing to supply you with the best selection of pickleball products in Canada for years to come. Please join us in playing the greatest game with the strangest name.

Bryan Banerd

Founder and Pickler for Life

*NOW VISIT US IN-STORE at our new VERNON, BC location:

   4211-25A Ave, unit #1, Vernon, BC V1T 7G8

        Open Monday- Friday 9AM-4PM