Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Product Description

The Gamma Supreme Overgrip traction to your cherished pickleball paddle. The overgrip easily applies on top of the original grip on your paddle to increase control of your paddle as well as moisture-absorbency. Each package includes three overgrows in either vibrant neon colors (orange, yellow and pink), white, or black. Even after using one, you will still have two extras for future use or to share with a friend.

The Gamma Supreme Overgrip is extremely tacky and absorbent. Gamma rates this grip 4 out of 5 for it's tackiness level, as well for it's moisture absorbency. It will soak up sweat produced by hard pickleball games, leaving you with a pickleball paddle that is exceedingly easy to handle. The tacky surface only makes it easier to have a good hold on your paddle.

**The Gamma Supreme Overgrip (white and black only) is not fit specifially for pickleball paddles. When using the overgrip it's necessary to cut approximately 20" of the end before fitting onto the handle for ideal pickleball paddle length.**