Selkirk Omni 31P Seconds

Product Description

Newly acquired Selkirk seconds NOW AVAILABLE! These are brand new paddles with only very minor cosmetic imperfections such as paint discolourations, logoing imperfections, minor surface dimpling or glue marks. These imperfections will not affect play and come with a full warranty! Quantities are limited so they won't last long. 

Welcome the unique OMNI 31P XO Graphite Polymer elongated Glen Peterson Signature Design Paddle.

The elongated shape of the Omni allows intermediate to advanced players to perform advanced shots. The Omni utilizes our Polymer PowerCoreTM and EdgeSentryTM technologies along with a Graphite face to produce a solid yet very lightweight elongated paddle. If you want a unique paddle that gives you an edge on the court, the Omni is for you.

You are an advanced player who always seeks the latest equipment that gets you an edge on the court. You aren’t afraid of taking risks and driving a slightly high dink into your opponents. You like a lightweight paddle that has excellent control but still allows you to put the ball away. If this sounds like you, the OMNI 31P XO paddle is for you.PowerCoreTM: powerful, durable, and consistent polymer core

EdgeSentryTM: lightweight, low-profile, and durable edgeguard
Graphite Surface: lightweight, touch surface
Printed Graphics lightweight and rough surface for spin
Average Weight: 6.9oz – 7.6oz
Paddle Width: 7.25”
Total Paddle Length: 16.25”
Handle Length: 4.125”
Handle/Grip Circumference: 4.25”

$94.95 $129.95