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The new NEO is Selkirk's ultimate starter paddle. It is made out of the same polymer honeycomb core as their premium paddle, but the composite face utilizes a new technology that brings the cost down dramatically, making it a quality playing paddle at an affordable price. Plus, with the stunning NEO graphics, you will be proud to carry your NEO paddle onto the courts. The NEO also comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.
PowerCore™: powerful, durable, and consistent polymer core
Composite Surface: innovative composite surface
EdgeSentry™ Extra Protection: Innovative EdgeSentry™ edgeguard with extra protection
Vinyl Graphics lightweight vinyl graphics for stunning looks and great protection
Selkirk ThinGrip: Sleek and lightweight Selkirk ThinGrip
USAPA Approved The NEO is approved by the USAPA for tournament play
Made in the USA
Weight: 7.5oz - 8.1oz
Paddle Width: 7.875”
Paddle Height: 15.67”
Handle/Grip Circumference: 4.125”
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