NEW! ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed

Product Description


With the new Ovation Speed, Pro Kennex engineers have applied the physics of shape design to elevate paddle performance with an expanded sweet spot and a more efficient energy transfer. The new modified oval shape creates one of nature's strongest designs, bringing a higher percentage of paddle mass along the center axis. Players looking for a competitive advantage in their equipment will immediately notice an increase in paddle maneuverability and speed.

At the foundation of this high performance package is our new Opti-Cell Core construction, which is indispensable to high performance level achieved in the new Ovation Shape design. Integrated together, they deliver an exceedingly plush ball strike, allowing you to maneuver your shot with confidence.

To finish off this masterful performance package is our proprietary 7 Layer, Complex Carbon face with its Spin-Grab outer layer surface.

And, of course, our world famous Kinetic technology which is integrated into the perimeter of the paddle for unparalleled arm protection and extended dwell time. All verified by independent labs and Koln University, in Germany.

Impregnated within each ProKennex paddle is the Kinetic System.  Tungsten beads within the immovable chambers dampen and reduce shock and vibration keeping your arm safe.  According to MIT Sports Dynamic Laboratory the "Vibration dampening ratio enhancement is 43%", "Power zone enlargement is about 12 to 15%" and "Shock reduction is better than 20%".


Specs + Details
  • Weight Average: 8oz 
  • Grip Style: Comfort Cushion
  • Grip Circumference: 3.875 Tapered
  • Handle Length: 4 7/8" = 12.3 cm
  • Paddle Length: 15.67"= 398mm
  • Paddle Width: 7.6" = 19.3cm
  • Paddle Face: Proprietary 7-layer coating and complex composite, including specially treated soft skin with spin-grab feature, carbon/fiberglass and ProKennex Release epoxy/resin system.
  • Paddle Frame: Kinetic System Technology with Carbon Casing
  • Core Material: New PK Opti-Cell Core matrix with special quiet, high impact resistance Polymer.
  • Edge Guard: Edgeless

Approved For Use In USAPA Sanctioned Tournament

Disclaimer: Due to high-performance aerodynamic edgeless-construction, chipping and scratches occur during normal wear and tear. We advise using our training tapes that come included, wrapped with each paddle purchase.


My paddle came with tape. What is it for?    As soon as you get your new paddle, we highly recommend applying the included training tape right away. The two strips of tape we provide are to protect the upper edges of the paddle from court surface scratching. We recommend placing them in the 10 and 2 position along the edges on the paddle. If you need to redo your taping at a future point, any generic electrical tape works just fine. 

It's important to note that cosmetic wear and tear on this paddle does not have negative effects on the playability of the paddle. Whereas most paddles become dysfunctional once edges get damaged, the Prokennex will endure with minimal change to play. For a detailed photo of where to apply this tape CLICK HERE

Ships for FREE to most areas in Canada! 

Please visit our Warranty Page for specific info on this brand's warranty policies. 


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Kinetic Ovation Speed

Paddle arrived in 2-3 days. Great paddle. I bought it to reduce the impact on my tendons (tennis elbow, in truth 'Pickleball elbow'). I haven't used it long enough yet to see a long term impact but it feels better, I love the paddle, my wife got one as well and really enjoys it. I like the return to the oval shape, the paddle feels good in the hand and feels like it reduces impact. Would gladly purchase it again.


Great product...very happy 😃


Still learning to use. But right now I feel it is
Pretty expensive for something that is just another paddle


I have the paddle. It did come with a small under a half inch scratch mark on the flat side of the paddle. But it seems to function ok. Good paddle though. Thanks. Jack.

Prokennex ovation speed review

Its an excellent racket, great feel, I had no trouble adapting to it right away. I feel I have better control and better spin. I really like the shape, because during NVZ play I hold it like a ping pong player and it fits nicely between thumb and index finger. This allows me quick wrist action to direct the ball. During serve I hold like tennis player to get better power so the handle length is perfect all around. I recommend this racket highly.

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