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The Pickleball Tutor Machine may be small, but it sure is mighty. This revolutionary machine is only 12 x 18 inches wide and 20 inches deep, making it almost half the size of other machines on the market. It also only weighs between 22 and 29 pounds, making it easy to transport to every pickleball court imaginable. The handle on the sides makes it easy to carry from place to place. 

With it's oscillating feature, the Pickleball Tutor Machine will randomly fire side-to-side shots as well as straight, which more closely resembles a real game. New to the 2018 machines, the Tutor is equipped with electronic elevation(must be ordered at the time of purchase for an additional charge) where the ball trajectory is controlled by a simple electronic switch on the control panel. 

With variable speed up to 50 MPH and adjustable arc the Pickleball Tutor can shoot all the shots you need to practice against including:

  • Dinks
  • Lobs
  • Serves
  • Drives
  • Groundstrokes

Pickleball Tutor features:

  • Holds 125 pickleballs.
  • Throws both indoor and outdoor pickleballs (a more firm ball is recommended like the TOP of DuraFast).
  • Variable ball feed rate from one ball every 1-1/2 seconds (for quick-reaction volleys), to one ball every 10 seconds.
  • A start-up time delay allows the player time to get to the other side of the net before balls begin shooting.
  • Electronic Elevation to control the ball trajectory by a simple switch on the control panel(must be ordered at the time of purchase for an additional charge).
  • Two button wireless remote starts and stops the ball delivery and controls side to side position of the ball throws(must be ordered at the time of purchase for an additional charge).

Pickleball Tutor is available in both AC-powered and battery-powered models. The battery-powered models typically deliver 3-4 hours of playing time per charge, and come with a smart battery charger that fully charges the battery overnight. 


Ball Capacity 125 Balls
Arc Drive to Lob
Ball Ejection Speed 10 to 50 MPH
Ball Feed Rate 1.5 to 10 Seconds
Random Oscillation Option standard on all our machines 
Playing Time (Battery Model) 3 to 4 Hours, Typical
Dimensions (closed) 12″H x 19.5″L x 18″W
Weight (with Battery) 29 Pounds
Weight (AC Model) 22 Pounds

Warranty: The Pickleball Tutor machine is covered by the manufacture for 3 years and battery is covered for 1 year (parts only, no labour). The following parts are always free and come with lifetime warranty: white flaps, flap latches, rubber feet on bottom and side of machine, oscillation plate motion wheels, any nuts and bolts & oscillation linkage arms.

Check out our special pricing on 100 TOP outdoor balls that can be used with the Pickleball Tutor.

Optional Accessories:

  • Two-function wireless remote starts and stops ball delivery, and controls side-to-side position of the ball throws (controls ball feed and oscillation).
  • *NEW* Electronic Elevation: controls the ball trajectory by a simple switch on the control panel (see new look of control panel below). 
  • External Battery Packs: attaches to the machine through the charging jack and will provide an additional 4-6 hours of run time. Battery pack weighs approximately 12 pounds. Can only be used with the battery-powered model. 
  • External AC Power Supply: allows you to plug your battery-powered Tutor Machine into a wall outlet. Works with battery models.
  • Protective Cover- Heavy vinyl cover fits snugly over all Tennis Tutor models to protect them from weather, dirt, and dust.

*Please note: The best performing balls for these machines are harder balls such as the DuraFast 40 indoor or outdoor balls or Top outdoor balls. These balls being harder than other balls such as the Jugs indoor will produce the best results for ball ejection speed and ball drive. Note if using the Jugs Indoor ball the speed and projection height will be slightly slower and lower than a harder ball. 

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