Pickleball Court Stencil Kit

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The Pickleball Court Stencil helps you paint beautiful crisp pickleball court lines and can be used over and over again.

The Pickleball Court Stencil comes with several different stencils which align at various areas of the court. A cleverly designed feature allows users to flip the top portion of the stencil from the left to the right, creating one streamlined court line. This product comes with five stencils and three cans of industrial-strength striping paint. Watch the video demonstration to see how the stencils work.

This Pickleball Court Stencil will make it much easier to paint clean court lines, available in white only.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

As advertised

Pickleball Court Painting

Great product. We were able to easily set the stencil and paint the court in about two hours. Our new pickleball court looks very professional. We’re having such fun playing with friends.

Pickleball Court Stencil Kit

Ok product for the money, it was very helpful to use to paint the lines on 2 courts on an outdoor rink. If it had stronger tape on the joints, it would help the cardboard stay in place and keep the lines straight.

Stencil kit

Was not overly impressed with the stencil kit. Corners do not match up real nice, does not lay nice and flat, needs to be taped down to get a good clear line. The spray box helps but you cannot use a wheeled spray painter with the box. The flaps that keep the width are installed crooked which changes the width when you flip it over to paint under it. For the quality of the kit it is easily twice the price it should be. Sorry. Not impressed.


Used the stencil and white paint this morning on our paved driveway. Probably took an hour to blow debris, lay the stencil, spray the paint, repeat stencil and paint to other side until we were playing. The overspray box that is included with the kit was great for the first while to get the hang of spray-painting but tended to slow down a rather quick process. We sprayed without the box on a fairly windy day and had no issues with paint getting where it was not supposed to be. The lines are crisp. We ended up using 2 cans of paint, 1 on either side of the net. 3 cans are included so we have one left. Our lines are semi-solid to solid so if we had used all 3 cans we could have had a more solid line. The stencil is still perfectly good to reuse for next time. Would recommend using disposable gloves because you will end up with paint on your fingers and it doesn't come off.

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