Paddletek Element Whole Shebang

Paddletek Element Whole Shebang
Product Description

Looking for a SPECTACULAR package for you and the picklers in your life?

The Paddletek Element Whole Shebang gets you everything you need to hit the courts and the quality gear that will keep you happy even as your game evolves!


The Paddletek™ Element delivers everything you need in a high-performance full-size Pickleball paddle with minimal weight. With maximum speed and maneuverability for quick reactions at the net and featuring the ProPolyCore™ for superior control and plenty of power, the Element will take your game to the next level. Built to last in the USA. Nothing Plays Like a Paddletek™.

Extra-large playing surface with minimal weight
Light weight allows for speed and maneuverability at the net
Advanced ProPolyCore™ with vibration dampening technology
5 year “No Dead Spot” guarantee
Durable enamel finish
Gamma Ultra Cushion Contour grip
Meets all USAPA Tournament guidelines
One year manufacturer’s warranty

Weight: 7.2 to 7.9oz
Length 15.75”: Width 7.75”: Handle: 4.5”
Grip Circumference: 4.25”                                                                      

Package included:

    • 4 X Paddletek Element paddles (colours depending on availability)
    • 1 X Pickleball Depot Portable Net w/Frame
    • 4 X paddle covers
    • 1 X backpack (water bottles not included)
    • 6 X indoor OR outdoor balls (your preference)
    • 1 X roll heavy duty court tape
    • 1 X USAPA rulebook
    • 1 X Zeal Sports Spray

As with any bonding agent, we suggest testing all court tape product on a small patch of surface prior to application to determine ease of removal.

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