Product Description

NEW. The Encore Blade 'Custom Series'. One of the best selling Pickleball 'Blade' type paddles just got better. 

The NEW Encore Blade 'Custom Series' is the same paddle as the legacy Encore Blade. Except we made it better. By hand picking the raw materials used to make the paddle, making it a 'custom' paddle, we ensure the weight range is in the lower 7.3 - 7.8 oz range. The legacy Encore Blade has been a huge success, but by popular demand, we are releasing the Blade in a lighter version.

Optimized in every aspect, no other paddle allows you to 'crank-it-up' like this paddle does. The 'Encore Blade' is the ultimate paddle for Power, Control, Spin, Angles and Maximum 'Reach'. Now in it's newer light weight form, it's even better.

At 17 inches long, the 'Encore Blade' is the longest paddle allowed by USAPA guidelines. It also maintains the 'specialized skin' of the legacy Encore that maximizes the allowed limits of 'surface roughness' based on USAPA guidelines. What that means is you get the maximum torque allowed (and ability to roll over the ball) to generate that power, spin and ability to angle the ball like no other paddle.

As with all the paddles in the Encore family, the 'Encore Blade' maintains the specially developed 'core' that maximizes the amount of time the ball stays on the paddle, enabling the soft feel you need to command the soft (net) game (what we call ControlPro™ Technology). But it doesn't stop there. The engineering goes even further which allows the 'sweet spot' of the 'Encore Blade' to extend to the far edges of the paddle, enabling the maximum 'sweet spot' allowed and making the 'sweet spot' width wise comparable to most traditional paddles.

Simply put. No other paddle can do what the 'Encore Blade' can do.

Innovation. Creativity. Ingenuity. Exclusively by EngagePickleball.

Product Specifications:
Core: Specialized Polyprophylene / Polymer Honeycomb
Skin: Proprietary Fiberglass
Weight: 7.3 - 7.8 oz
Length: 17"
Width: 6 1/2" inches

Grip size: 4 1/8"  Grip Length: 4 3/4"
Color: Black skin with Metallic or Aqua 'Pro' Style Fade
USAPA Listed and Approved

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Metallic Silver