Liquid Lines

Product Description

#8 Best Seller

When it comes to court marking solutions, paint can be too permanent while tape might peel too soon—but with Liquid Lines, you’ll know where the pickleball boundaries are precisely as long as you need them! This convenient white floor paint allows you to set out temporary markings with its simple application pad alone. Clean up is easier than ever since you only need water to wipe it away. This option is great for protecting courts and players with its non-slip finish.

Liquid Lines comes in a bottle with approximately enough paint to mark out 3 full pickleball courts. It is non-toxic and temporary, allowing you to apply it directly on finished surfaces without fear of damage or discoloration. When you’re ready to remove Liquid Lines, simply spray water over the markings and rub them away with a rag. There may be minimal residue, but it will come off with a little extra wiping.

Liquid Lines is the ideal way to create long-lasting yet temporary lines on surfaces for instant pickleball fun.

  • one bottle will mark approximately three courts
  • for use on polyurethane coated hardwood floors

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