Improve your game DVD Vol. III

Improve your game DVD Vol. III
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"Improve your Game" Vol. III DVD
The “Improve Your Pickleball” Volume II by Alan Christensen is the second disk of three of Christensen’s enormously helpful, virtual lessons. This DVD picks up exactly where the first disk finishes which ensures that there are no gaps in your learning. Mastering the basics was the initial step; now it’s time to build off that foundation and get a little more tricky!

The “Improve Your Pickleball” Volume II by Alan Christensen takes your game to the next tier. In this DVD, content covered is a little more advanced than what was found in the first lesson. Chapters on this disk include information such as pickleball strategies, higher-level techniques, training sessions and a run-down on some common problems found in this sport. The visual format is highly beneficial for players who learn best by watching the skill rather than just reading about it.

The “Improve Your Pickleball” Volume Ill by Alan Christensen is simple to comprehend thanks to applicable examples, real-play explanations and extremely helpful clarifications.

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