Gamma Fusion 2.0

Gamma Fusion 2.0
Product Description

The Fusion 2.0 Widebody Paddle provides a crisp feel, great power, and easy maneuverability!

The GAMMA Fusion 2.0 Pickleball paddle is designed with a textured fiberglass face and a composite core for greater touch, more power and good control. A great composite paddle for all skill levels. It's designed with a fiberglass face and aramid core for superior touch, great power and good control making it a great choice for players at any level. The Fusion 2.0 has a wide 8” face, a medium weight range, and small handle featuring Gamma honeycomb grip. The large sweet spot is ideal for making the most of the paddles’ control properties. 

Paddle Specifications: 
Weight Average: 7.9 ounces
Weight Range: 7.8-8.0 ounces
Grip Circumference: 4” (Small)
Grip Tack: Medium
Grip Style: Cushion, perforated, ribbed
Handle Length: 5 "
Paddle Length: 15 5/8”
Paddle Width: 8-1/4"
Paddle Face Finish: Fiberglass
Core Material: Aramid honeycomb
Manufacturer: Gamma
Made in China
The Gamma Fusion 2.0 complies with IFP and USAPA specifications.