Deluxe Miracle Dri Replacement Roller

Product Description

These are the DELUXE black replacement rollers for the Miracle Dri Squeegee system!

The Miracle Dri Deluxe Black Roller is made from a tough, durable polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and the most effective in removing water from you court surface. This roller will outperform any other roller. 

Revolutionary NEW nitrile rubber replacement roller is soft right from the start (it doesn't need to be wet to work like most rollers on the market), with superior durability and effectiveness compared to other PVA refills.

  • Superior durability and effectiveness compared to commonly used PVA refills
  • Soft right from the start for easy water removal
  • 36" long x 2.5" diameter polyvinylaldahyde (PVA) seamless black foam roller 
  • For use on wet hard courts
Roller Colour

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