Ball Holder for Oval Post PickleNet

Ball Holder for Oval Post PickleNet
Product Description

The Portable Net System Ball Holder is your ball-holding solution - simply slide it on the side of portable net system (with the exception of the Deluxe PickleNet Portable Net System). This ball holder easily attaches to the NEW OVAL POST PickleNet Portable Net Systems (please note this holder will not fit with any ROUND post systems). A round cap attached to the side of the net system perches on top of the side pole to hold it on, and a half-circle piece keeps the ball holder from teetering one way or another. Will easily store in your net system carrying bag.

The Portable Net System Ball Holder is very lightweight, weighing only 1 pound and 10 ounces. The piece is crafted from slender powder-coated steel, with a 3" round opening at the top for balls to fit through. The balls are held in place by four 24” side pieces which attach to the bottom piece. This is then fitted with a center rung to keep the balls from falling out. Minimal assembly required.


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