Selkirk 300A-XL - Old Graphics SALE!

Product Description

For those that are, this is the paddle you’ve been searching for. This lightweight paddle is a power-hitter’s dream. With it’s extended and wider playing area and it’s long handle, this paddle will appeal to a tennis-style, full-follow-through with top-spin style swings that drop perfectly into the back court. Offering excellent control for those perfectly placed lobs to finessed dink games that explode with a full-swing slam down the middle. This is our championship-caliber paddle. Crafted with an ultralight aerospace-grade aluminum honeycomb core that provides optimum control along with a high-grade graphite surface with a vinyl laminate providing UV protection and durability to keep your beautiful paddle looking new for years. 

Aluminum Honeycomb Core
Graphite Surface Layer
Vinyl-Laminate Graphics Surface with UV Protection
Weight: 7.4-7.6oz
Pro-Lite Gamma Grip
Low-Profile Edge Guard
USAPA Tested and Approved for Tournament Play
Made in the USA.

This paddle is the XL Size
Paddle Width: 8:0″
Paddle Height: 15.75″
Handle Length: 5.25″
Handle Circumference: 4.25″
Weight: 7.4-7.6oz


$89.95 $129.95