Putterman Heavy Duty Outdoor Net

Putterman Heavy Duty Outdoor Net
Product Description


Putterman Pickleball Net for Permanent Outdoor Post System 

A great net with high grade materials and quality manufacturing.

  • Overall Size: 22 feet long x 32 inches tall
  • Made for courts with posts 22 feet apart
  • Netting Body: 3.0 millimeter polyethylene rope with 1.5 inch knotted mesh
  • Headband: 28 once white single-layered vinyl, folded and tucked, treated with UV and mildew inhibitors, 2.5 inches wide with 4 rows of interlocking sticking with bonded thread and built-in grommets
  • Side-band: 2.5 inch black vinyl with built-in-grommets, sewn pocket, and two hollow fiberglass rods
  • Bottom Band: 2.5 inch black vinyl with built-in-grommets
  • Includes 5 millimeter galvanized steel coated cable and net strap
  • 2 year limited warranty

1. Stretch out the net across the court.
2. See if you winder post mechanism has a hook or a hole to accept the cable.
A. If it has a hook, use the cable as provided by attaching the loop to the hook.
B. If is has a hole, (internal mechanism) cut off the loop at one end of the cable. Leave some excess in order to allow for several turns around the internal mechanism. Now, insert the plain cable into the hole.
3. Attach the loop on the other end of the cable to the hook half way down the outside of the "dummy" post.
4. Crank up cable/net to 34" at the center point. DO NOT OVER-WIND!
5. Insert dowels (provided) through the end side tapes.
6. Attach the headband to the net post with the rope provided.
7. Square up the net and lace it to the post using the black lacing cord provided. Most post have lacing bars for easy installation. Use the side grommets on the net to accept the lacing cords. If the posts do not have lacing bars, hooks may be provided or you can lace around the net post.
8. Measure the depth of the net in the center and adjust the center net strap (if used) making the net 34" at the center-line of the court.

Your installation is now complete and your net should sit comfortably but somewhat tightly between the two posts with a very small gap between the net and nets posts.

Optional centre net anchor tie-down -sold HERE

*This item is NET ONLY- does not come with posts*

Ships for free anywhere in Canada!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Outdoor nets

Nets have not been installed yet..... thinking about installing using tennis court posts.

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