Topp XJ-900 Whole Shebang

Topp XJ-900 Whole Shebang
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Looking for a brilliant package for you and the picklers in your life?

The Topp XJ-900 Whole Shebang gets you everything you need to hit the courts and into quality gear that will keep you happy even as your game evolves!

Are you looking for control and touch in your game?!?!  Well, the Graphite XJ-900 WideBody paddle is the answer.  It's made with a high performance grade Graphite skin and Polymer core that brings an extra level of control to your game.  The paddle plays a little softer so you have more feel while hitting those dinks or third shots.  The Graphite XJ-900 WideBody is the newest paddle that TOPP Pickleball, Inc. offers.  The XJ-900 Graphite Widebody Paddle lets you stay prepared for any scenario and maintain control even during fast-paced games. Great for all levels!

Paddle Specs:

Length - 15 1/2"
Width (WideBODY) - 8 3/8"
Handle Length - 5"
Weight - 7.6oz - 7.9oz
Grip Size - 4 1/4" - 4 1/2"
Grip Style - TOPP CushGRIP
Paddle Material - Polypropylene Core

Designed and manufactured by Steve Wong

               Package included:

    • 4 X Topp XJ-900 composite paddles
    • 1 X PickleNet Portable Net 
    • 4 X paddle covers
    • 1 X Head Elite backpack 
    • 6 X indoor OR outdoor balls (your preference)
    • 1 X roll heavy duty court tape
    • 1 X USAPA rulebook
    • 1 X Zeal Sports Spray

As with any bonding agent, we suggest testing all court tape product on a small patch of surface prior to application to determine ease of removal.

Package valued at over $880!

Ships for FREE to most areas of Canada! 



Please visit our Warranty Page for specific info on this brand's warranty policies. 

$769.95 $890.00

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