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DuraFast Indoor pickleballs are identical to player's favourite DuraFast Outdoor balls, except the size of the holes are larger making the ball a little lighter than the outdoor version. These indoor balls are made with the same smooth, hard plastic as their outdoor counterparts. They are seamless, and were created with a one-piece construction mold. During construction, once the balls are cooled, the holes are drilled out.

The DuraFast indoor ball has a 2.9375” diameter and weighs in at approximately 0.90 ounces. These balls have a good average bounce height of 31” (Dropped from 75" onto a concrete floor).

This ball is great for players who enjoy playing with the hard-plastic outdoor balls but want a ball that is a little lighter.

These balls meet USAPA requirements for indoor tournament pickleball

Please be aware that these these balls cannot be returned or exchanged once used, the manufacturer will not guarantee the balls or send replacements for cracked or broken balls.

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